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Just remember that before you go on a podcast, prepare ahead of time based on what the episode will be covering, so that you can deliver impactful advice & insights. People are going to be listening to see how well you know your stuff, so arrive ready to meet the moment. One thing I routinely practice is contacting everyone I’ve mentioned in a recent blog post, to let them know that I included them in my content and encourage them to check out what I wrote. You can help market your blog by tastefully mentioning influencers in your content—and then sending them a link to the blog post that featured them. The fonts, colors, and images are all very easily identifiable—and geared particularly toward the audience of readers that are interested in emerging technology.

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You can find a lot of inspiration and help from a range of prominent social media influencers via articles, expert interviews, original research, podcasts, videos, and news. Clix Marketing consists of a team of experts at using PPC and their blog is full of actionable tips you will love, specializing in issues like problem-solving, optimization, and growth strategy. While the blog posts are all written by one person, they cover a wide range of marketing topics and are definitely worth your time. A tremendous blog for marketers of all levels, the Shopify blog offers all the latest tips advice, covered meticulously, while they also many times include real-life examples. Along with SEO studies and general and technical advice, topics include keyword research, link building, and various helpful articles straight from Ahrefs’ index of backlink data. What really makes this blog stand out is their real examples of the strategy behind some of the best-known content marketing campaigns that will definitely inspire you for your next move.

Reasons Why Your Small Business Is Losing Customers And What You

ESTRAT Digital Marketing Authority and Guide provide up-to-date and action-based digital marketing strategies and techniques for you to grow your business. WebEngage is a customer data platform and marketing automation suite that makes user engagement and retention simplified and highly effective for consumer tech enterprises and SMBs. Product marketing insights & strategies for B2B SaaS. Olivine is a full-service product marketing agency for B2B SaaS companies.

The article is exhaustive, insightful, and provides practical tips. The best thing about Social Media Examiner is the current tips and trends it provides to keep you updated. The best thing about this blog is that Neil Patel is quite helpful and willing to engage his audience in the comment section.

Ignite Social Media specializes in social media strategy development, community management, content creation, data analytics, and more. It’s been consistently proving itself as one of the best, most informative sources of social media marketing tips, advice, and resources. This is one of the best digital marketing blogs where you will find all the information for gadget and tech coverage to marketing campaign insight and analysis.

marketing blogs

Social media is an easy first step for finding people in your niche who are already influential members of the community. All of the major social media platforms can work for networking, it’s more a matter of picking which channel will be best for you and your blog’s niche. The answer is, to make it extremely easy for people to share your content online. Instagram has a large user base with about 1 billion monthly active users making it one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. Unfortunately, despite the large audience, many bloggers report that Instagram is not one of their biggest traffic sources.

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Weave’s chat feature is more limited and specifically geared around appointment scheduling. This is in keeping with the main purpose of the Weave product suite, which caters to medical businesses that rely almost entirely on appointments. If your business’s use of online messages is pretty narrow and mostly revolves around appointment scheduling, then Weave might be enough for your needs.

If you decide to incorporate one into your own customer journey, be sure to follow Kajabi to make sure you do your customers right by it. Take advantage of powerful technology to help your business grow. From marketing tools to AI powered advertising, you’ve got it all with Scorpion. Neil Patel is a real guru when it comes to everything web-related.

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Get expert, practical advice on Content Marketing, Analytics, and Web Design to help you get better results from the web. Orbit Media Studios is an award-winning web design and development company in Chicago. Orbit makes the internet more helpful and informative one website project at a time. A well-rounded view on search engines and search engine marketing from five segments of the Web population represented by senior members of the major SEO/SEM forums on the Internet. Loyalty programs are a great way to promote customer loyalty and repeat business.

Analyze your audience and figure out when they are most active on social media. Even though artificial intelligence will play an important role in the future of lead generation technology, it will be up to you to create and implement the following solutions. Smart assistants, both as standalone devices and on our phones, aren’t that new, but they’re quickly changing the SEO landscape. We’re using longer phrases in question and instruction form to browse, and search engines are adapting accordingly.

Another news and research platform helping marketers understand and leverage technology in all their pursuits, MarTech really goes that extra mile. They not only publish articles written by the finest marketing minds, but they also offer in-depth intelligence reports and white papers. Another gem resource created by Neil Patel, Quick Sprout recognizes the deep connection between marketing and all other business sectors, from HR to finances. The site is conveniently segmented to offer specific, penetrative articles in a myriad of categories, including e-commerce, tech, and even something as specific as blogging.

The strategy then branches out again to define different types of content that can meet those needs and how success will be measured. Marketers spend a lot of time working out the mathematics of ad-spend ROI or customer conversion ROI. This puts marketing efficiency into a dollars-and-cents perspective that anyone in the business can understand.

They’ve organized their content to easily find what is most relevant to you – whether you’re a small business or a larger one. HubSpot was born when two MIT grads realized no one paid attention to traditional outbound marketing techniques anymore. Their marketing approach is based around a 6-part structure of “Strategy, Plan, Create, Communicate, Analyze, and Management.” Their goal is to educate marketers from the ground up.

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