50+ Digital Marketing Blogs To Look Out For In 2020

You can find some of his writing which uses the power of content marketing and persuasion psychology on their email archive page. Neil Patel has been in the digital marketing space for what feels like since the beginning of the internet. The main topics covered are content strategy and SEO, content promotion, increasing conversions, and client case studies. ProBlogger is now home to almost 1,000 articles on blogging, blog metrics, traffic methods, and more.

Founded and managed by Larry Kim, MobileMonkey is a chatbot marketing platform. You can read more about the product in a detailed review of MobileMonkey. This blog is managed by Peg Fitzpatrick who is a popular social media speaker and a co-founder of the Art of Social Media. Here your goal is to showcase your digital content, including whatever is in your product catalog or creative portfolio. The site also promotes freelancers who are professional writers through the use of public portfolios. You can publish your work as a college graduate here to showcase it for clients as a sample.

You’ll read about all things digital marketing in an informative manner and actionable manner. The blog offers strategy analysis and covers the business side of technology, mixed with media and its impact on society. While quite a few articles are related to Kdan Mobile’s products, there are still plenty of posts to check out for actionable insight.

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It’s a goldmine full of best learning resources, best practices, and industry trends for content marketers. With several marketing blogs cropping up every minute, finding the right blog which provides value can get a little complicated. Statistics validate your content, enhance trust between you and the reader, and give your audience confidence that you know your stuff.

On this blog, you’ll learn how to use affiliate marketing to make money for your business. Jenna Kutcher is a blogger from the Midwest based in small-town Minnesota. She runs a business school blog where she provides free downloads for entrepreneurs and small business owners. You can read about Jenna’s favorite things and find recommendations for businesses and consumers to help you with product selection.

Today, people expect to be treated like unique individuals when they’re being marketed to as well as when they become customers or clients. Optimize your online presence to better attract, retain, and engage patients with our powerful patient marketing software, WebPT Reach. A simple starting point that can make a considerable difference is optimizing your website so that potential patients can easily find you online. The PT Patient Experience Report found that 44% of patients chose a clinic without a doctor’s recommendation, making your online footprint that much more vital. Fortunately, it’s easy and inexpensive to make the necessary changes. Over these years we’ve built a digital understanding of which there is no competition.

Semrush Blog

To fully utilize the power of social media in growing your online business, you need to examine the industry from a statistical perspective. To stay updated in the world of SEO, social media, industry news, and trends, Marketingland should be your go-to resource. Content Marketing is a part of the overall digital marketing industry. Writing content that people will actually read, relate to and implement should be something to aim for. Described by VentureBeat as the “bible of content marketing,” Copyblogger has been teaching people how to create stronger, more engaging content since 2006.

HubSpot’s agency professional blog addresses nuances from font selection to micromanagement concerns. If your office isn’t quite clicking, the solution may live here. Salesforce built a model that countless SaaS companies have tried to replicate. They’re doing an incredible job of growing their business and have been named the #1 CRM Provider for five years in a row. As a reader, you’ll also find the motivation, confidence, and inspiration you need to get rid of destructive business habits and embrace new, exciting opportunities and proven practices. From technical articles to real-world success stories, the Snowflake Blog reimagines what’s possible in the data cloud.

Naturally, it’s important for restaurants to offer as many online payment options as possible. But that’s not it- there’s also payment technology out there that offers guests an option to split the bill, further elevating the guest experience. Mobile payment technologies offer a lot more convenience to customers. It is essential to learn how to do a research market study, since it will give you the necessary tools to learn more about this type of function. You might think a customer experience map is not practical or useful for https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/no_outbounds.php?o=https://prodigypartnersllc.com/ your company. Why do we need another customer experience map when we already have the customer journey map, right?

How Google Creates Titles For Pages With Language

At the heart of this is streamlining sales processes to have analytics and data embedded in the process. No more relying on business cards or brochures to drive leads and sales, it will be about communicating and servicing customers through online channels. According to Deloitte’s 2021 CMO survey, B2B product brands will spend 14.7% of their marketing budget on social media into 2023. And that’s expected to increase by 10 points in the next 5 years. There’s an increase in B2B brands using social media and they’re not just on staple channels like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Marketing Basics Blog: Hubspot Marketing Blog

When your office isn’t inspiring enough, this is the place to draw from others. If you’re looking to rid yourself of spreadsheets, Marketing.AI wants to provide the alternative. This blog’s software-driven approach addresses complex situations in content-ready organizations. Content strategy and planning is the name of the game for Kapost. Good for analytical minds, this company’s blog is full of case studies and research.

Productize the Tenjin infrastructure in the development and distribution of your own marketing applications. Take advantage of our partnerships with BI analytics tools to explore Tenjin DataVault data. Whether it’s ad monetization or user acquisition, Tenjin provides a simple but effective UI for data analysis. The top free-to-play games use Tenjin marketing data for user acquisition and monetization. Personalized marketing is an extremely powerful tool that many law firms have yet to implement. While crafting the strategy and building the infrastructure for personalized marketing requires an investment, the ROI of personalized marketing is very high.

One of the few digital marketing blogs out there with a clear Content Marketing direction. CMI has mastered the teaching of content strategies through its articles. The C&C blog is covering topics from content marketing to customer experience. It’s the perfect stop to learn about content & inbound marketing.

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