21 Of The The Best Marketing Blogs To Follow Right Now

When you import a post, Medium automatically puts a link at the bottom to the original publication. Networking is one of the most useful things that Instagram has to offer. With a few clicks through hashtags or Instagram’s search and explore, you can easily find people in your industry. Of course if you’re not getting any views on your YouTube channel, you aren’t likely to drive any traffic back to your blog.

marketing blogs

We’re collected and curated a newsletter for brand new marketing content. While it covers a host of topics in marketing, there are links to many fantastic articles on email campaign construction and issues in omnichannel marketing. Spotlight explores some case studies, and the Growth strand delves deeper into content marketing and CRM issues. This is a good blog to follow if you want to read around the customer relationship topic in general, rather than just focus on email campaign issues. Litmus is an all-in-one email marketing service, and clearly their blog is part of their strategy to obtain new clients.

As you know, word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful types of marketing. Because people trust their friends and family much more than they trust any type of advertising from a brand. Avinash Kaushik is the digital marketing evangelist at Google, and is the co-founder of Market Motive. This is his blog where he shares his thoughts about web analytics and analysis. Kevin is the SEO Lead at Atlassian, the company behind beloved products like Trello, Hipchat and Jira.

Other than search engine and social media marketing, you will find a lot of content around pay-per-click, content marketing and related topics. Neilpatel.com is one of the best digital marketing blogs that you can follow. The Blog is widely popular and it is managed by Neil Patel who happens to be a New York Times Bestselling author.

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Check out their blog for on-demand information on the latest in the business world. All marketing professionals are familiar with this long-standing publication, but many forget that Adweek has a section that focuses specifically on brand marketing. There, you can read all of the latest and greatest of how competing brands are planning on portraying themselves as they move into the future. His blog delves deep into the ways that brands benefit from powerful, individualized storytelling. No one will learn about the value you offer if they don’t open your email. Here’s a list of email subject lines for sales prospecting 20+ experts swear by.

In the interview, they mentioned that one big way to drive traffic is to write a lot of content and promote that piece of content several times. So each piece of content would be shared several times on Pinterest and there would also be multiple iterations of each blog post. Like any social media platform, the more you engage with it, the more engagement you will receive. That includes pinning content from other people—not just your own content. Another thing to keep in mind is some Facebook groups specifically prohibit promotional posts of any kind.

marketing blogs

It also has a training section where you can access courses on digital marketing, eCommerce, SEO, etc. The Neil Patel blog covers topics on pretty much everything to do with digital marketing, including content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, driving traffic, WordPress tips, and so much more. CoSchedule has a series of helpful client education resources giving you the actionable insight you can use to increase the impact of your marketing. It has helpful blog posts with information about the differences between inbound and content marketing, as well as podcasts offering marketing professionals both strategy tips and advice. The site has a handy digital marketing blog with articles on affiliate marketing, creating an online portfolio, and more.

The Drum offers an informed, current take on its ‘Brand News’ section. There, you will find many important moments in brands’ evolutions, from an insightful examination of strategies to in-depth analyses of some of the most effective campaigns around. Amanda Miller Littlejohn is an expert personal branding consultant whose signature talent is finding the “genius” in her clients. As a writer, Littlejohn has a particularly clever voice whose content centers around the emotional, financial, and strategic facets that must come together when building a unique personal brand. “The HubSpot team are experts and they’ve never missed a beat when publishing excellent, informed content,” highlights PlaybookUX’s Lindsey Allard. Before we take a deep dive into some of the best B2B blogs, let’s take a closer look at some important takeaways we gathered from this research.

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Content marketing seeks to serve first, then position the brand organically. Mandy and her team at Mod Girl® partner with ambitious companies to increase brand exposure and revenue through the power of LinkedIn and humanized content marketing. Home to the aforementioned certificates, the Academy provides inbound marketing training that can be critical when developing your young business’s content strategy. HubSpot is best-known for its software and primetime marketing conference, Inbound.

This sci-fi genre podcast is reminiscent of old radio plays like “War of the Worlds,” but with the modern listener in mind. Users overwhelmingly favored the debut season over the second, but both earned GE a reputation as a brand that isn’t afraid to try something bold and new. Sitka Salmon Shares weaves the story of their fisheries into every brand moment and offers solutions for even first-time home chefs who have never dealt with raw tuna before. In solving problems and empowering customers, they have built goodwill without having to sell too hard.

The eclecticism of the blog definitely makes it stands out from more procedural contenders. This leading CRM automation platform posts under several strands, which are sequentially listed on their landing page, although you have to scroll down to reveal each topic. While there are other features that make a blog worth reading, we believe these eight qualities make for a perfectly composed blog article.

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